Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" song has been getting a lot of mostly positive coverage in various music blogs since posting the mashup-style music video to her Youtube channel, but aside from the limited offerings there, information about the artist and her music is strangely lacking.

As can be seen on the Youtube page, it seems that every post by or about her is followed by swarms of interested listeners looking for more of her music and asking where more of it can be found.
As it turns out, there is actually a bit more info to be had, and much more music available than anyone seems to have noticed too.

Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant, aka Lana Del Ray) was previously on 5 Points Records, a small New York based label. They released a three-track EP called Kill Kill under her actual name, Lizzy Grant. Though her bio and the album info are gone now, they can be seen on When you use The Wayback Machine to look at that page, you may notice that the Flash-based music player is still working. This is because the album's tracks are still hosted on the label's site here (Not anymore).

Track Listing:

2. Yayo

If you look at the ID3 tags on the MP3s, you may notice that the album is listed as "Nevada Master Ref 1" and strangely lists the track numbers as 1, 13 and 4. The "Nevada Master" track numbers correspond to the numbering on the self-titled album she'd release shortly later.  You can see this at the album's Amazon page, but the album itself has been made unavailable there and just about everywhere else.

It seems that Lizzy Grant has been working with a new label and PR firm (Anorak London) who have done some work on her image and are building buzz before relaunching her music with a new album. This would explain the name changes and attempts to completely withdraw of her past music catalog.

As luck would have it though, there was one bit of oversight somewhere along the way. The old label, 5 Points Records, actually seems to have all of their bands albums hosted on their web server and don't bother with setting directory permissions that keep the public from having a look... If these files start to give the site a sudden traffic boost, I imagine they'll disappear. Until then, get Lana Del Rey's old album, Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant, in this directory.

Edit: Well that went about as I expected.  Permissions on the server have been changed to prevent viewing the Albums directory at all, and the files there and under the Artists directory have been deleted.  If you're still interested, it appears that the album has coincidentally just gotten out on TPB today though. 

Track Listing:

1. Kill Kill (3:57)
5. For K Part 2 (3:24)
6. Jump (2:51)
7. Mermaid Motel (3:59)
9. Pawn Shop Blues (3:26)
10. Brite Lites (2:58)
11. Little Girls (3:13)
12. Smarty (2:49)
13. Yayo (5:45)

If you'd just rather be able to actually purchase these songs, they also appear to not have been taken down from Napster's store yet.

Finally, from the self-titled album days, there's also another older mashup-style video that's available for Kill Kill over at Metacafe.

For the newer stuff, there's a 19 track demo that's floating around, but so far all that seems to have surfaced are the Youtube tracks and a couple of remixes.

As a side note, pretty much everyone who's not asking where they can find more music is talking about her huge lips, with many defenders acting as though there are lots of natural ways to end up looking like that. Just to clear that up, here's a couple of earlier pictures for comparison.

Edit:  As mentioned before, 5 Points Records has apparently removed all residual files from their webserver  now.  Since that includes the somewhat hard to find older photos and an odd little written bio, I'll include whatever I have of those here soon as well.


  1. Thanks for the links, i've been looking for her self-titled album for some time.

  2. In a interview she said it was photoshop... its not even surgery or something as all those stupid pple say... and even if she did... what ever, i mean look at all the other artists, are they real?